As a make up artist, you may experience long days on set, early mornings for a bridal party or late nights for a production! But, how do you balance this hectic working life with being a mum?

There have been many successful artists balancing work lives with their families – our DFMA founder and celebrity make up artist, Davinia Fermi, is a mum to two herself! Whilst you may think that the hours aren’t suitable, the flexibility of being a make up artist is why this career is the perfect option for many busy mums!

Being able to set yourself goals and prioritising certain jobs is important when it comes to balancing the work and family lifestyle. You may have to miss a few parents’ evenings, or a make up booking because it’s your child’s birthday – but as long as you pre plan and learn how to manage your time properly this doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence!

The best thing about being a make up artist whilst juggling a family is the flexibility of it. If you’re as passionate about your make up artistry career as you should be, it won’t feel like work. Therefore, in your wind down, ‘me’ time, you can be doing something you love whilst earning money on the side.

At DFMA we encourage mums to join our courses and become certified (read about the importance of a certification here). With the flexibility of our online courses, and the part time course options we do, your dream is even closer to becoming a reality!

Read some of our DFMA mums stories below!



“I can honestly say being a freelance makeup artist as a mum has been the best of both worlds for my children. When I did the DFMA course I was the only one with a son and I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to do the job I loved but since qualifying I have gained so much confidence, built up my business and have now just had another little baby boy!! The best life style choice for me!”



Baby in DFMA hat




“I loved the course and set up my business, building it slowly but surely around my family. I then met Davinia for a coffee so she could give me advice and help me further with growing my business and together we discussed the idea of the DFMA Make Up Bar….now by this point I was already pregnant with number three. It was so empowering that Davinia and the company still offered me the opportunity to get involved with setting up and working at the Make Up Bar even with my impending new arrival. I worked for the Make Up Bar both behind the scenes on bookings and marketing but also doing clients right up until 5 days before my son was born!! And I’ve been back at it since he was just a few weeks old, doing makeovers and working on the Make Up Bar development. DFMA has been very supportive of me as a busy mum and has allowed me to have a career that works around the children”





If you’re a budding MUA looking to fit a new career around little ones, give us a call on 0800 138 9064 and we can help you reach your new career goals!

Until next time, DFMA x

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