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Everything you need to know about our online courses

How does the online course work?

At DFMA, we want to be completely accessible for all! And now with our online courses you can become an MUA wherever you are! Our online courses feature 6 week-long video units guiding you through 2-4 hours of makeup artistry each week, these are all viewed on an interactive app platform. You’ll then work alongside watching these videos, learning as you go with the videos and content! 


DFMA is the leading makeup school in the UK, constantly striving for the WOW factor and taking nothing but complete pride in all we do. Since the first academy in 2010, the school has grown and grown! Our founder and director, Davinia Fermi, has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with all DFMA students and grads. At DFMA we aren’t trying to sell you a dream, this is your dream and we are your helping hand to get you where you want to be! This online course has not been made lightly, Davinia has put in years of hard work to make sure that this online course reflects our physical academies and our high expectations, too – making it completely accessible for all, covering over 40 industry essential techniques and receiving feedback from our TOP mentors and tutors.

What makes this course different to the practical courses?

One thing that is incredibly important to us at DFMA is being completely accessible for all. We understand that it isn’t possible for all to complete a course in one of our studios – we have families, jobs, we live abroad, sometimes life just gets a little busy! At DFMA we believe that anyone and everyone should have the chance to chase their dreams and reach their full potential! Our online course is designed with this in mind – therefore we teach you everything that you would learn in one of our academies, to your own schedule! We don’t want aspiring MUA’s to feel as if they are missing out if they can’t attend physically, therefore this course has been constructed to make sure it covers everything you would need to know to get you going in this exciting industry!

Is there a time frame I have to do this in?

You can do this when you want, you can do it in a few weeks or a few months, it really depends on your own time! We want you to be able to fit this course around your lifestyle, it’s important to us that you feel comfortable to learn at your own pace and time frame!

What equipment do I need to complete the course?

When you join the course we send you a recommended product list that we feel will get you through the whole course – but don’t worry! A lot of the content on this product list you most likely have in your makeup bag! If not, our DFMA industry level products are sold online at – it’s the perfect way to start building your kit for future clientele!

What skills do I need to do this course?

At DFMA it is so important to us that anyone can chase their dreams, so this course provides you with all the training you need whether you’re a complete beginner, or an MUA who wants further training from the best in the industry! You can never stop learning, after all! We understand it can be scary for beginners to take a jump into a new career and new lifestyle, so we want to make sure that this course is supportive and insightful to give you the most comfortable experience when taking the first steps into the makeup artistry world!

How will I be graded?

When you have reached the end of each of your exciting DFMA modules, your work will need to be uploaded on our easy to use platform. You’ll then have the work viewed by our industry level experts, who will supply you with good, clean, constructive feedback. If your work is satisfactory and you have shown an understanding of the module, you will then go through to the next stage to continue your training!

What if my work isn’t satisfactory enough to move onto the next stage? Can I try again?

You can keep trying until you have passed! Not everybody gets it on the first time, just don’t give up!

Will I receive the same level of aftercare?

We are so passionate about getting our DFMA grads into the industry, so you will also benefit from 24/7 aftercare from DFMA. You’ll be able to attend future masterclass events with the top brands we are affiliated with, attend discounted shopping events, receive further training from leading brands, have the chance to network, you’ll be invited to an online platform to interact with fellow online grads and tutors getting 24/7 advice and support, AND you’ll be able to take advantage of our incredible pro discount to build the makeup kit of your dreams!

Do I receive a certificate?

 Absolutely! You’ll receive a globally industry recognised DFMA certificate, ready to download when you’ve completed your course! 


Will I be able to go back to modules if I want to try it again?

One of the beauties of our DFMA online course is that you have 12 months of access to ALL of the video-based sessions afterwards. You can practice as much as you need in order to be the best you can be, to get you completely prepped and ready for the industry!

If I have questions about certain modules or techniques whilst completing the course, who can I ask?

Tutors and mentors will be on hand 24/7 to be able to answer your questions! DFMA will be guiding you all the way!

Do I need a model to practice on?

It’s completely up to you! You are welcome to either practice on yourself or with a model, or a bit of both! This course is completely adaptable to your lifestyle.

Will I be able to have a physical booklet/guide to help me with my course?

Yes! There will be many chances to download booklets and guides to help you with your learning – at DFMA we understand everyone learns differently, therefore we want to provide a range of different opportunities for your learning

Can I talk to others who are also on this course?

That’s another one of the exciting aspects of this course! For the first time EVER for an online makeup course, you’ll be able to chat and interact with others from across the world who are also taking part in this course. You’ll feel part of the DFMA family in no time!

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