Don't just take our word for it... here are some comments from previous students which are testament to the quality of learning and experience at DFMA.

I really needed the detailed explanations you’ve all given, thank you so much! It’s been intense but wonderful.


Have loved the class and all the tutors. I have learnt some valuable skills which I cannot wait to put into practise.


I really enjoyed the whole course. I think it really prepared me to work as a freelance makeup artist. Loved working with Jourdan & Paul.


Loved the course the tutors have been amazing, learned so much! I feel so much more confident starting my career as a makeup artist and I’m excited for the future!

Kimberley Lowden

I’ve had such a fab month here in Brighton. The tutors have been amazing, they have taught me something different everyday! Can’t thank them enough. Thanks for a fab 4 weeks DFMA


Have had a great time with great girls & great tutors. I have learnt so many new skills and can’t wait to get out and use my new skills. Thank you DFMA & Roger for the great final day.


I Loved my time here thanks for all your help! See you on the red carpet in Hollywood!


This Course has given me the confidence to get out into the real world of makeup. I have learnt so many skills and the tutors were absolutely amazing. Thank you DFMA

Harjit Jhita

I had a great time here and have learnt so much and met some fab people. Our tutors have been brilliant and helped in so many ways. Thanks every one!

Tia Bliss

I think the course was good, the tutors were very informative and taught us a lot. I have enjoyed my time at DFMA and can’t wait to start my career.

Poppy Elliott

Loved doing the final shoot, felt very professional. LOVED Natalie & AJ lots, felt they taught a lot and created a nice atmosphere.


I have loved every second of studying at DFMA. I’ve learnt so much and I now feel confident to go out and work as a professional makeup artist. Thanks for all the support & tips, you guys are the best! Where has the time gone? I don’t want it to end! Thanks so much!


Thank you to all the amazing tutors at DFMA. We have had such a good week. Gemma was amazing and made us all so confident. I loved the bridal day with Natalie and it was so helpful to talk about setting up a business and consultations. I will be back for another course!


Enjoyed the whole experience , especially the final photo shoot!


I have had an amazing week, Carly & Gemma were amazing and very helpful I have gained so much from this course and my confidence has dramatically improved. I also got the chance to model which was also lots of fun and the photographer was great to work with both as a model and MUA. Thank you so much!

Olivia Tuck

Had an amazing time during the 5 day course. My confidence has grown and I have lots of knowledge to take away with me. I’ve met lots of fantastic people. Gemma and Carly have been fantastic support, friendly and always there if you need them. Thank you so much DFMA, I will return!

Kat Elley

Had such a good day, love how it turned out.


The Course was very comprehensive and each day there was something (many things) new to learn & practise. The tutors were all knowledgeable and with different styles and methods. I feel I have gained so much confidence and opened new avenues for creativity. Thanks!

Nikki Taylor

I’m so happy with all my work at DFMA. Jane & Natalie have been amazing. I feel very lucky with the help I’ve had.


I’ve loved the whole course and all the tutors have been so great.


I have learnt so much throughout this course. The tutors have been amazing and have taught us so much. I cannot wait to start working in the industry. Thank you.


I’ve really enjoyed the 4 week course. I have learnt so much more than expected! Tutors have all been lovely and very helpful. Had so much fun and made lots of new friends.


"Wow what a fantastic week! The DFMA foundation course gives you a great start into the make up world. The tutors were all patient, clear and knowledgeable, thank you to Jordan, AJ and Natalie. The venue is brilliant and the kit you are supplied with gives you a good start to I'm sure your ever growing kit. Loved the final day, the atmosphere is electric and everyone is really supportive. Thanks again. I hope I can do another course soon."

Lizzie x

This course has been an incredible experience for me and helped me boost my confidence. It was lovely to meet all the other students and to learn so many new things every day. Thank you!


Signing up to this course was the best decision I have ever made. It’s been an amazing week and gone far too quickly! I’ve learnt so much from a true expert. DFMA have delivered on what it promised and I’m finishing this course a much more confident MUA. Thanks to DFMA and the amazing Natalie who’s been with us, encouraging us and keeping us on the right track. Thanks for everything and I’m proud to say I have trained with DFMA – I look forward to working with the team in the future.


Thank you so much for the past 4 weeks, they have been amazing! The tutors have been wonderful and will definitely stay in touch. I will miss them lots!

Isabella Christina

These 4 weeks have been amazing, I will be sad to return to Iceland. Thank you to all the great tutors, they are amazing. I loved Jourdan and AJ’s demos and were so helpful and full of useful information. These weeks went by way, way, way too fast and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be here.


This week has finalised my confidence in myself and my abilities. I have had such a good laugh with everyone and looked forward to coming in every single day – I don’t want to leave! Thank you.


Thank you so much for this awesome course! I have enjoyed it so much and so sad it’s over. Me and some of the girls are thinking of doing another course! I’ve learnt so much and loved every minute.

Rosie Hooper

It has truly been an amazing week! I have learnt more than I could have hoped for, I really don’t want to leave! It has given me the confidence to go and make a successful makeup business for myself.

Jodie xxx

Thank you DFMA! I’VE had the best week and can’t believe how much I have learnt over just 5 days! Jourdan has been an inspiring teacher and I can’t wait to start my career in makeup! I will be back!

Monique xxx

Thank you very much DFMA! Jourdan gave us such a good experience and told us everything there is to know. All the staff were very helpful and great. I’ve had the best week and a good time with DFMA staff and Jourdan.

Neelam xxx

Great course and great experience! Thank you very much DFMA. Thank you to Jourdan, great help and good explanations. Thank you!


It’s been an amazing week. Thank you Jourdan I have learnt so much!

Gemma x

Had an amazing time, Jourdan and Danielle were great! Learnt so much and will try and attend more courses in the future!

Jessica x

Just Fantastic! Thank you DFMA. Will be back for another course soon! Jourdan was amazing!

Tasha xx

I've had the best 4 weeks! Thank you so much! Fantastic course to start my new career as makeup artist!


Cannot thank DFMA enough!Ive had the best time. Met the most amazing people and cannot wait to start my journey as an MUA!


DFMA – thank you for an absolutely amazing week on the Foundation course. It has been so incredible I don’t want to leave! Everything building up to our final shoot has been perfect and the finals are a great way to end the week. I’m looking forward to starting my freelance career in makeup!


I have had the most incredible week of my life. There is so much I have learnt from this course and thank you so much to Jourdan Walker for being the best tutor ever. I can’t wait to one day become a freelance artist and use all the skills I have learnt on my clients. Thank you so much.

Emily Morris

Wow! What a week I have had the BEST time and had so much fun learning all these new skills and techniques ☺ I’m so glad I did this week course and will be 100% looking into more in the future. Jourdan is an amazing tutor and so talented and made me realise that my goals are achievable! Thank you DFMA


What an incredible week. I can’t believe how much has been covered in just 5 days. Jourdan is an incredible tutor; I feel very privileged to have been taught by her. The final shoot was so much fun and very insightful, I don’t want this week to end!

Lee-Ann Dennis

I really enjoyed the Foundation in Fashion Makeup course. Wonderful tutoring from Jourdan and a very informative course. Great atmosphere I would highly recommend to any aspiring makeup artists.


I have just had one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn’t have wished to meet nicer people to share this with. I learnt new skills that I will definitely be practising to improve. I highly recommend this course and wish everyone luck who is starting.


DFMA not only taught me about makeup but I also learnt to be strong. I’ve never been out of Reading on my own. I am glad as I am able to start my career and am free to fly! Thank you very much for providing such marvellous tutors for us. They were very kind and down to Earth. I have had the chance to make new friends from the course.

Devi Shrees

The past 4 weeks have been such a memorable, life changing event. I love how DFMA accepted me even though I’m quite young! I feel so much more confident now in my skills and am eager to show the world. Thank you xx

Kamya Manikantan

I have had an amazing 4 weeks at DFMA and I will really miss my class. I feel so much more confident in my skills moving forward

xx Jess Lawrence

Had an incredible time here, every tutor has been amazing and so helpful. I have learnt so much in a short time and can’t wait to get out there! Thank you so much to everyone!

Xxx Kate Howard

My experience at DFMA has been amazing, I have learnt so much and made new friends! The tutors have been incredible and I can’t thank them enough. I am so excited for my future as a makeup artist! I can’t believe how quickly the weeks have flown by!

Thank you DFMA!

Finally, we are all qualified!  Thank you DFMA!  I’ve had the best time being here, I’ve learned so much!  I’ve met the most beautiful people!  All the tutors have been amazing!  Truly found a new talent with DFMA, it’s so sad that it’s over. Thanks to all the DFMA family. 

Lauren Holding xxxx

Thank you so much DFMA!  I have had the most memorable experience with you!  I’ve made some amazing new friends through this course and gained so much knowledge from all the tutors.  All the tutors are absolutely amazing and I am so gutted that it has come to an end!  Again thank you for all your help and support. 

Rufaro Chitima xxxx

I have loved every single week here at DFMA.  Its mad me fully prepared for life after the course.  I’ve taken away so much from hints and tips for all types of jobs and techniques to 4 new friends which will be with me throughout my career.  I can’t wait to get out there and start doing lots of different jobs.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the tutors and for one of the best experiences I’ve had. 

Jennifer Sanders xxx

I can’t believe we have finished!  Hopefully just the beginning though – with all the DFMA family.  Met the best girls here and had some astounding tutors.  Thank you all for your insight, wisdom, advice and patience! 

Lots of love Charley Prime xxx

Had the most amazing time at DFMA! I have loved every second and it has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to succeed in the industry.  I have met the most amazing people and been taught by the most inspiring tutors which I am so grateful for!  I can’t want to use all the skills DFMA have taught me A huge thank you to everybody involved.   

Nicola Gunby xx

Thank you so much DFMA and especially our makeup tutors they were absolutely amazing to learn from and inspiring to see their work and skill. 


Thank you DFMA for this fab experience, starting from the beginning in the make-up industry!  I have learnt a lot, Natalie, Monica and Jourdan were fantastic tutors, this has been a great start for my new career.

thank you love Lynsey Merry xxx

Thank you DFMA for all the help you have given.  I feel confident that I will grow in the makeup industry. 

Ellen Zok x

Thanks a lot for an amazing experience and I would really like to complete other levels with DFMA in the future. 

Rosha xx

Thank you DFMA. I have had such an amazing time and learnt some really valuable skills. Thank you to all the amazing tutors who have made us into make-up and hair stylists. I’m raring to go and set up my own business.

Love you all xx J Natalie

It’s been awesome! I’ve learnt so much with you guys and no question was too small for the tutors, they’re so knowledgeable. Thank you DFMA and best wishes

love Brooke xx

Have had the most amazing 5 days at Bournemouth. Could not have asked for better tutors in Jourdan and Julia, both were amazing and supportive. Learnt a lot of new techniques and information. Best time ever…. thank you DFMA.

Becky ☺ x

A huge thanks to all involved in making this an unforgettable experience. I have met some wonderful people and cannot wait to begin my journey as a make-up artist and hair stylist.

Many thanks Victoria x

Had a fab 2 weeks, my second course at DFMA and loved it! Great to this time incorporate hair and learn more new skills. Had a great group and have made some excellent new friends. Thanks to all the fabulous tutors who taught us over the last 2 weeks

Nicola ☺ x

I have had an amazing week at the Bournemouth Academy. I have learnt so much in a short time. All the DFFMA team and tutors have been great! Thank you to everyone, will definitely miss coming in.

Jade x

Such an amazing time at DFMA.

I found the tutors very helpful, especially Abi and AJ. I enjoyed the golden goddess look very much and I feel like I gained a lot from the hair and make up demos. 7

Nadia G (Manchester)

I am so glad I have been a part of DFMA! I have learnt so much, I feel ready to get out into the real world and start showing off my skills. I can’t wait to progress further and become known as a great makeup artist.

Rosie Wright x  

This has been the most amazing experience of my life! I have had so much fun with all of you guys, everyone has been so lovely and helpful. I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Myria x (from Greece)

The course has been so wonderful, I have met some incredible people both students and teachers alike and I hope to stay in touch with everyone! I have learnt an unbelievable amount in a short space of time and I cannot wait to get started with my future as well as watch the progress of my peers, Thank you DFMA, this has been amazing!

Annie x

Thank you to DFMA for the course. Thank you to the tutors, especially Jane for being so kind. Lots of love

Lilian W (Bournemouth)

Absolutely great time!

Everyone was so lovely and friendly, I couldn’t believe it! I am from Germany and I was quite scared turning up on the first day, but by day 2 we were all like a little family! I learnt so much about makeup and hair from all the tutors, who were great. I can’t wait to move forward with my career as a makeup artist with all the experience I gained from DFMA. Thank you for the great time! Love you all x

Fatosh  x

The past 4 weeks have flown by so quickly! It’s a shame that it had to come to an end. I have enjoyed every day that I have spent here with DFMA, the tutors are great! Thanks for all the help you have given me to start my new career.

Varnia Malik x  

Where have the weeks gone?! From knowing absolutely nothing about make up application, I felt like a total novice, but I was so glad to be in a mixed ability small class, with a varying age range! At 44 I was worried I was too old, but, I’m really not at all! I am so sad to say goodbye to some amazing girls who never failed to make me smile. I will miss you all until we meet again…. Which will be very soon! Thank you DFMA, I have no regrets at all about doing this course and I am SO excited about my next makeup steps!

Louise  Andrews x

This has been an amazing course! It has given me my confidence back and now I feel ready to get out there and start creating some great work! The tutors were all fabulous and each gave me priceless knowledge and advice. I have met a lovely bunch of girls who I wish all the luck in the world for the future. Thank you for finally helping me follow my dream.

Michelle Hibberd x

DFMA – like so many people have said before me – WOW! Small word with a big meaning. So much dedication and inspiration from all the teachers, they are all amazing. I have had so much fun learning at DFMA and I am going to miss my time here, I could quite easily stay another 5 weeks if you’ll have me! Thank you, I’m definitely going to put everything I have learnt to good use!

Emma Hand x

Thank you to all of my tutors and team at DFMA. My time here has been amazing and I’m going to miss coming to class. Love

Eleisha R x (Bournemouth)

The most amazing, fun and interesting weeks of my life so far!
Firstly the tutors were amazing – to say I have been taught by such inspirational people makes me so proud! The DFMA team make you feel so at home and welcome. I’m so sad it has come to an end, however, I know this is just the beginning! My model was incredible on the final day and we have already arranged to work together again! How exciting! Thank you so much for all of your advice and help, I’ve progressed so much!

Beth x x

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I honestly can’t express how much I have enjoyed these last few weeks, it has gone so quickly! Thank you so much for importing your experiences and wisdom, everything is so valuable to me and I’m really looking forward to putting it all into practice!

Fi Clarke x

I cannot thank you enough for such an incredible week, it has gone so quick and I don't want it to end! Davinia and AJ were amazing and such an inspiration. I learnt so much in a short space of time and feel I am leaving with knowledge, hands on experience and confidence to go out there and begin a career in make- up! Thanks again,

Rachel Gower xxx

These past 5 weeks have been awesome! Couldn't have wanted more from the course. I have learnt so much and am really excited to enter the world of make-up. All of the teachers have been fabulous and openly shared their expert knowledge of the industry with us. I've met some lifelong friends and I'm really looking forward to working with you all in the future.

Love Tasha xx

The past 5 days have been fantastic. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time; the week has gone far too quickly. The main thing I have gained from the course is confidence. I now feel that I can go out into the industry and excel. Thanks so much, I will hopefully be back for a longer course.

Emily Francis

My time at the DFMA has been fab!

I have learnt loads and would recommend the course to anyone interested in make up and becoming a make up artist.

Justine Errington

I chose Davina's course as I liked the idea of a smaller class as some London school's have like 30 students! The school is located in beautiful grounds in a luxury mansion house. Davinia is professional yet down to earth and a lot fun! She has great contacts in the industry and genuinely wants her students to be successful. We've had some leading industry make up artists teach us amazing techniques. Fabulous experience, I look forward to my exciting new career! Highly recommended... none of us want to leave!


I am so happy to have taken this Fashion, TV, Film Hair and Make up course with Davinia Fermi Academy, not only I've learned so many make up techniques and skills, but also meeting such lovely people. All the tutors from DFMA were really professional, nice and helpful, doing this course is the best decision i've ever made for a long time. DFMA also allowed us to build up our basic hair and make up kit by having Davinia to carefully chosen the right product for us. Moreover, DFMA has allowed me to build up my confident by its diverse working environment, it proves that no matter what races you are, Davinia and all the other tutors such as Jane, Gemma and Seema will treat everyone the same on board. So thank you again for allowing me to be me and thanks for all the advices that you've all been provided.

Best regards, Cecilia Meira

This was an amazing experience, I think we all learned a great deal from the course and made some amazing friends! I completely recommend Davinia's Academy, beautiful location, amazing teachers and a great 5 weeks of learning! Thank you so much to you all! Ren x

Ren Sullivan

In the years of my work I have come across a few make-up artists, but last October whilst on a photo-shoot for YOU Magazine, I had the good fortune of having my make-up and hair done by a really rather fabulous girl named Davinia Fermi, what I loved about Davinia, was that she was swift, confident, clearly talented and knew exactly what worked and really excelled in the Natural Look, when I saw the final published photo's in YOU I wasn't at all disappointed between Davinia Fermi and genius photographer David Venni, I was more than happy.

So it comes as no suprise that her idea of launching a master academy for students to learn and refine some of the finest tips and tricks of the trade is taking off to slowly establish itself with huge success.

Over the last few weeks I have watched Davinia as she tweets some of her latest looks from the academy and I have to say, they all look amazing. Utilising the finest products and brands Davinia is like an artist who blends, mixes and then creates a master piece from a the blank canvas of a human face.

Wedding, photo-shoot, family portrait, commercial project, or simply for the sake of looking gorgeous, no need to ask yourself anymore; "where can I find the best make-up artist?" as I believe she is the best you will find, with a profile like this, can you blame me for arriving at my well informed and 1st hand experienced conclusion?

Antonia Mariconda

Such a good course, I didn't want it to end! So much inspiration now to start my own buisness. Would love to do more courses. Great teacher Jane, Thanks, Take Care

Jo Stephens

Such a wonderful experience, I would recommend this course to everyone. Was so lucky to meet such wonderful girls and teachers. Jane is a absolute star very intensive and very friendly, AJ is wonderful very creative and a fun character to be around. The only down side was the course went to quickly I would easily do another 5wks here I Loved every second of it. Thanks to all the team,

Grainne Byrne

I can't say enough good things about my time at DFMA. I loved every aspect from start to finish! The location is idyllic, all the girls on the course were friendly and we all bonded very quickly, Davinia is so welcoming and likeable. The tutors were fantastic, we got so much from them all individually and the week following on from our course we had the opportunity to do make up at Brighton fashion week through DFMA which was AMAZING! Thank you!


Thank you Davinia fro being a wonderful teacher and a n inspiration. I enjoyed the course immensely and met some wonderful people. It has been an honour tobe taught by some talented and gifted tutors. I will always remember my time at DFMA and have fond memories. Thanks Again,

Always BEBE

I have really enjoyed my time at DFMA, I have learned so much in a little time. Thank you Jane! For all your help! I will recommend DFMA!!

Hayley Batney

I have enjoyed DFMA and have learnt so much. All tutors have made this experience amazing! Thank you to all the tutors who made this such a fantastic 4 weeks.


I have had the most amazing time. I have made friends for life and every tutor was fantastic, fun and so talented. Thank you DFMA.


I have really enjoyed studying at DFMA! It has been an amazing experience, I feel so much more confident than when I started. Thank you for all your support & tips.


I have learned so much through this course and made friends for life. Very pleased I joined, it was the best decision ever. Thank you.


I have learnt a lot on this course and made wonderful friends. Thank you DFMA for everything.


So happy to have completed my DFMA course, I have met lovely people and gained confidence. All set and ready for my next chapter of being an MUA. Thank you DFMA!

Nicola Jones

The course was fantastically run & would recommend it. I am gutted it is over. The support is great particularly from Gemma & Carly Thanks DFMA! I hope to be back to do a longer course.

Holly Adcock

Loved working with Natalie & AJ! Thank you!


Loved the experience! Really happy with how I’ve progressed and thank you to all the tutors for all their help and knowledge.


Great photo shoot experience with my wonderful model!


Really enjoyed my experience with DFMA, great opportunity to work on so many styles and with so many different faces.


This has been the best time I’ve ever had in education and certainly the most memorable! Thank you to all the tutors for your different techniques and tips, I’ve learnt so much in these 4 weeks.


As I am from Mumbai, India I am running my own salon and I came here to learn make up. Here I learned basic to advanced makeup which will be very useful for my professional and personal life. Thanks to DFMA, love you all, I am going to miss you all.


I loved doing the course. One of the best ideas I’ve ever had. You learn so much and in so many different ways. All the tutors make you feel comfortable with how you do your work and tell you so many different ways to achieve what you want.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at DFMA. It has helped me build my experience and taught me lots of new tips & tricks. All the tutors were incredibly supportive – every single one of them taught me something new to help me along the way. Thank you to all tutors and DFMA as a whole, it’s been great and I feel ready to head into the industry.


I loved my time learning makeup & hair from DFMA. They have some amazing trainers. Gemma, Jane, Natalie & Jourdan were lovely were lovely and have passed on some great knowledge about makeup & hair. Looking forward to going back to India to flaunt the techniques and make a good career.

R. Shruthi

I have learnt so much and gained so much confidence whilst thoroughly enjoying myself. Thank you DFMA for all your help.


I’m sad these weeks have come to an end. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to use all my new skills. I can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you & Roger for the final photos.


I’m really happy with the makeup lessons and I’m looking forward to continuing with it. Big thank you to all the teachers.


Have had so much fun and learnt so so much. My confidence has grown loads and I have much more knowledge. Tutors were amazing, so helpful & friendly. Thanks so much.

Claire Harvey

This course has helped grow my confidence loads and helped me cement and grow on previous knowledge. I’ve really enjoyed the hair side of it as this was something I had not done much of in the past. The tutors have been awesome, so knowledgeable and approachable, Im looking forward to putting my new skills into practice.

Laura Read

Loved working with different artists, faces & looks daily!


This has been the most amazing week for me learning amazing skills that are a whole new ball game to me being a novice at applying makeup to a model. It’s been fun and given me huge confidence. Gemma, Carly & Jo have great experience and have been amazing tutors. Thank you so much ladies, look forward to meeting you all again

Martine Saint

I came to DFMA to learn and that’s exactly what I did, I achieved skills that I can go on and use in the bridal career I have chosen. I have had a great time and feel emotional that it’s over, but at the same time, glad I picked DFMA to learn.


I have gained so much confidence and have learnt a lot whilst doing this course. I have also made lots of friends. Thank you DFMA.


This week has been so good, I have learnt so much and gained much needed confidence. I still have lots to learn but feel this is now the start of something which for me personally is what I’ve always wanted to do. I have met some lovely people and enjoyed working with everyone. Thank you and I’m not very much looking forward to the future.


What an amazing 4 weeks I have had on my DFMA course. I have learnt so much and gained vast amounts of confidence in my skills. I have met great people but most importantly wonderful tutors who have taught me incredible lessons. A fast paced 4 weeks to launch me into a fast paced industry. Thank you again.

Rhianne Alleyre

Thank you so much DFMA for everything, can't wait to start my career!


Thank you for your time and patience. I can't wait to see what the future holds!


This course has been an amazing experience, an eye opener and the beginning of greater things to come. Thank you DFMA for the tutors Anna and AJ, so much knowledge, very welcoming and down to Earth. Thank you.

Theresa Mutesa

I really enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot. I have a new appreciation for how skilful the tutors are and what a makeup artist is!

Harriet Nisbett

Wow…….is the only way I can describe my time at DFMA. The tutors are incredible and I have learnt skills I never imagined I would learn. I’m so said it’s time to finish. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Poppie Hand

I have really enjoyed the course and it has made me really aware of the makeup industry. The tutors have been fantastic and they are really inspiring. Really sad it’s now over!

Jade Maddison-Glover

This course has really taught me to have confidence in my work. I feel so much more aware of the makeup industry and what it’s like to work on clients. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The tutors have both been incredible. Thank you Anna and AJ!

Jess Gorwyn

The course was amazing, I’ve learnt so much and I’m already looking at the 4 week course! Thanks AJ!

Sophie Collinge

Thank you to all the tutors and everyone at DFMAfor making the past 4 weeks happen. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone and I now have to face the big wide world on my own! I have learned so much and am so excited for the future.

Chloe Gottieb-Hunt

This course has been fab! I’ve really enjoyed learning new tips and techniques on how to apply makeup. I now feel more confident with my makeup application and what I am able to achieve. Thank you DFMA!


A massive thank you for giving me the chance to learn new ways of makeup. I loved every minute of my time with the DFMA tutors, it has given me back my love for makeup. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for the amazing experience!


Big thank you to DFMA for a great week in Brighton. Lots of fun and loads of interesting looks and techniques – would recommend.


A huge thank you to the tutors who have helped this week – Monical, Lindsay and Paul I have learnt so much! I now have the confidence to go out and set up my bridal makeup business.


I just want to thank all the DFMA team for teaching me so much more than what I was expecting! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED SPENDING THIS TIME WITH YOU. Thank you!


Thank you so much for a great experience and for building my confidence. I’m excited to start a new adventure!


So grateful to all the DFMA tutors how they have helped with everything and having the patience with us, I now feel like I have the skills to go further with my makeup and hair career and couldn’t have done that without the help from DFMA! I have also made some lifelong friends on my course and I hope all their futures work out great! I will really miss spending my weekends with these great bunch of people. Thank you DFMA!

Leanne Wilson

I am so grateful to all the wonderful tutors on the course who have been super supportive and excellent teachers. I feel like I have the skills and knowledge to begin achieving my career goals and it’s all thanks to DFMA! I’ve also met some really lovely girls on my course who I will sadly miss on the weekends now but will definitely keep in touch with them and wish them all the best of luck. Thank you DFMA!

Jennifer Hawkins

I am extremely grateful for the experience at DFMA – fantastic tutors and very approachable assistants! I was not sure I was going to be able to absorb the amount of information packed into the course, but the staff made it easy. I may have found my calling.

Chatrin Tolga

Thank you for the best 4 weeks of my life! I have learnt so much from my time here and I have loved every minute of it! I can’t wait to start my career in makeup and see where it takes me! Thank you to all the tutors who have helped me so much throughout my time at DFMA1

Claire Strathern

Thank you for the incredible experience you have given me. I have loved every second and look forward to the future. I am leaving inspired and more confident to pursue a career in what I love. Thank you!

Emily Bliss

Thanks for the experience and your time and energy. I especially enjoyed the SPFX days and the final photoshoot.

Anna Mahoney

My time at the DFMA will never be forgotten! The tutors have been wonderfully patient and have helped grow my confidence to a level I feel inspired to start my makeup career! Thank you for everything.

Liv Matthews

I have really enjoyed my time at DFMA and has boosted me up so much. I can’t thank the teachers enough for their time and effort and learnt so much.


WOW DFMA, what an experience! Loved every minute of it. Will highly recommend your services J I’ve achieved and learnt so much and will highly recommend your services J I’ve achieved and learnt so much and hopefully find my path to success!

Rebecca Cheetham

Can’t believe it’s over already, its gone so fast! I have really loved doing this course, I have learnt so much and so proud of myself. It’s so strange to think that I am now a hair and makeup artist!

Thank you DFMA!

I found this course was helpful in more ways than I thought it would be.  Not only did we learn techniques and styles of make-up but also learned loads about surviving in the industry.  Tutors were happy to assist in anything we needed.  Special credit to AJ, Lauren and Jourdan, they were brilliant tutors and I feel I learnt the most from them in particular. 

Thank you DFMA, Sophie

I am sad the course has to come to an end.  I have learnt many skills from all the talented tutors and pupils.  I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to start a career in make-up.  I feel confident to start my make-up journey and to be part of the DFMA family.

J Rosie xx

Thank you DFMA for the best week!  I’ve learnt so so much and built my confidence massively.  Natalie, Monica and Jourdan were amazing and I am now so excited to start my career. 

Holly Sampson x

Muchas Gracias.  A BIG HUG and many thanks for your patience, wisdom and lovely smile.  It has been a pleasure to be your student. 


I have had such an amazing week, really enjoyed the course and Lauren has been fantastic. Would definitely recommend! I learnt so much over the 5 days, thank you to Lauren for all her help and guidance. Looking forward to a career as a MUA. Thanks Lauren & DFMA.!

Claire Martin xxx

I have honestly loved my time with the DFMA team and I can say I will be walking away from this with a head full of new knowledge and a higher confidence. This course has been a great head start for my dream career. I’m actually considering joining another DFMA course next year to widen my path. I cannot thank everyone enough for being so kind and helpful. Thank you DFMA!!

Ellie Matthews xxxx

I have had the best time at DFMA. This course has taught me so much and it’s made me realise how strong my passion is for this industry. I’m looking forward to developing my skills as an artist. Lauren was an amazing teacher and I’m grateful for everything she’s taught me. Thank you for this amazing journey.

Courtney Wood xxx

My experience with DFMA has been amazing! I have loved every minute of it and have gained so much confidence and knowledge to progress my future career. Thank you DFMA!

Georgia Woodland xxx

I can honestly say I have loved every second of my 5 days here at DFMA in Manchester. From the second I walked into the studio, my nerves completely melted away upon meeting Lauren. I have learnt so much that is going to help me along my way starting my career in make-up. My confidence has grown so much and I am now very excited about getting started. I hope to be back for the four week course as soon as possible. Thank you so so much Lauren, I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor and her honesty and advice has been vital in building my skills. THANK YOU DFMA AND THANK YOU LAUREN!!!

xxx Hannah Diable xxx

This time has been precious to me, the amazing people I have met, tutors and students, the DFMA team, especially Chelsey who made me feel so comfortable with enrolling onto the course. I’ve been sculpted into an artist and a person, I can’t thank everyone enough!

Ellie xx

I’ve had the best experience doing DFMA, met the most amazing friends and worked with the best tutors. My confidence has grown loads and my knowledge in make –up. Love learning all about the make-up industry from the tutors, it’s made me want to aim high and make it in the make-up business. I will stay in touch with all my DFMA family – loved it! Thank you DFMA!

Georgia x (Manchester)

Thank you to all of the tutors and all the DFMA team. I have loved my time here and learnt so much. Lots of Love.  

Gemma x (Bournemouth)

Well, what can I say, it’s been a fantastic experience. I have met some amazing makeup artists who have shared their knowledge and some brilliant people who I will keep in contact with on a personal and professional basis. Definitely a course worth doing!

Jo Cooper x

OMG I’ve had such an amazing week here at DFMA Brighton. Really sad that it’s come to an end, but hey…. It’s just the beginning! Such lovely tutors and I have met some lovely girls. I’ll definitely be back sooner than later! What an experience!

Hayley x

Wow!! What a week! This course has been an excellent introduction to make up! Everyone has just been so helpful and friendly. Just seeing what I can achieve on my finals day has given me the motivation and confidence to go for this career and achieve my dreams!

Sophie x

I’m going to miss this place so much! it has been one of the best experiences ever. I’ve learnt so much and have met some great people! Thank you to all the tutors, Tori and the team, you have all helped me so much and I will miss everything about being here!

Channelle x

Really couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of girls to be in my class, or more helpful and professional tutors. I knew I was going to love DFMA but I wasn’t prepared for quite how much! I am so sad it’s over, but so excited for the next chapter which I now feel ready for. Thank you DFMA. Thank you to everyone who made this the experience that it was. Don’t be strangers!

Julia Edwards x

I am so thankful for DFMA allowing e to have this amazing opportunity. I feel my confidence has grown and not just in make-up. DFMA has provided an amazing team and tutors together. I will never forget this experience. I am proud to say I have been trained by DFMA. Thank You again xx

Lydia W (Manchester)

It’s been an incredible 5 weeks! It has boosted my confidence a lot and proved I am actually good at something. The teachers were so inspiring and taught me so much! Amazing how far I have come in just 5 weeks! I feel ready to go out into the world and start my own makeup artist life! Thank you all so much, I came into this with no experience at all and am leaving feeling like a pro!

Alicia x

I never imagined I would be able to see my skills boost to such a professional and skilled level in this short space of time! I would highly recommend this course to any makeup enthusiasts looking to access the industry. Thank you to all the wonderful tutors, I can’t thank you all enough. DFMA has opened me up to such an exciting world!

Gabby x

I cannot say a big enough thank you to Davinia, Tori, and the team for being so supportive and inspirational! (due to me being very pregnant!) I have absolutely loved this course and have learnt an amazing amount of things! Love you guys and would highly recommend DFMA to others!

Emma x

Formed new friends and gained so much experience in a short space of time. I was a little concerned I wouldn’t learn anything new as I already did a little bit as a part time business, but I was amazed at how much more there is to learn. AJ, Jane, Tori and Chelsey are welcoming, friendly and supportive. The tips and shortcuts are well worth knowing! It’s definitely given me direction and taught me to push the boundaries with some of my looks. Thank you so much.

Kath Floyd x

DFMA has built my confidence so much! The tutors are so good at giving individual attention to everyone to help them develop their skills. Loved how they were all relevant and working in the industry and often lots of different techniques and practices. Love DFMA!!

Katie Garvey (Manchester)

I wish I could stay here forever! Thank you so much to every single person at DFMA for helping me become such a confident make-up artist, Love

Sophie F x (Bournemouth)

Best decision I have ever made coming to DFMA! It's been an amazing experience and I have learnt so much. Big thanks to AJ, Jane and Davinia

lots love and kisses Abigail Evans

The course has been everything I wanted and more. Was worried at first that 5 weeks wouldn't be enough time but it's so intense and we've definitely been taught more than enough to step into the 'real world' with confidence. Enjoyed working with all of the teachers who are all so talented, supportive and constructive. Working mostly with Jane, her support and encouragement have pushed me to believe in myself and have faith in what I do and for that I am forever grateful. I would suggest this course to anyone interested in becoming a makeup artist!

Jesse xo

I have loved every moment of my time at DFMA. Davinia is a beautiful person and a dedicated teacher. With genuine industry knowledge and a warm heart, she genuinely cares about us as individuals and encourages us to push ourselves forward in whatever direction we choose. Gemma and Jane offer an immeasurable insight into different aspects of make-up and since the course, I have more defined career goals and I am confident that the skills that I have learnt will carry me swiftly into a career in make-up 🙂


Thank you Davinia, Jane, Seema and Gemma for teaching me at DFMA, ive learnt so much on the TV course and the Fashion course, I've enjoyed it so much and met such amazing people. The help and support has been great and im looking forward to progressing as a make up artist!

Best regards, Poppy xx

Fab week!

Invaluable advice and tips. Thanks everyone

Jess R x (Bournemouth)

I joined Davinia at her make up academy this year when i decided to further my career in hair and make up. I had no experience in make up before i joined her course and five weeks later i am now fully trained and confident in tv, film and fashion make up.

Being a hairdresser for 16 years it was great to refresh my skills in period style hair design and encourage the creativity within me that i thought i had forgotten. As well as meeting 8 other fantastic girls in our class with whom we have formed a very close bond, i have had doors open up for me personally and professionally. Since starting the course i have had work experience on the hair and make up team in a film where i also got the chance to learn some special effects, hair and make up artist on a music video shoot, and a fabulous photo shoot with photographer Daniel Hermy whos stunning pictures of my model has helped me with my portfolio.

We also had some insight to the make up world in TV with a great talent Jane Aspinall. I have now started my own business in make up and hair and have many ventures to come! I thoroughly recommend Davinia Fermi

Ange Watson

Have really enjoyed the course not looking forward to it ending 🙁 have learnt so much, would love to carry on to do the fashion course next. would recommend to any one who knows they want to go in to make up but unsure what area as this will give you an in site to all the areas and help you pick. Davinia is always talking about the academy to everyone she knows and it has paid off some of us where luck enough to get assisting jobs after just 2 weeks. Jane and Gemma are great and bring loads of different industry knowledge.


I have loved my time at the DFMA, I have learned so much & would recommend it to everyone! Thanks everyone!

Rachael Verbeeten

DFMA - Rocks!!

Thank you Davinia, Jane, AJ & Seema for making this course so much fun and a fabulous start to my new career. I will miss you all and the girls in my class. Lots of Love xxx

Kirsten Brend

Thank you so much to Davinia & all the team at the academy for such an amazing experience! I have learnt so much in the five weeks that I've been here & really grown as a person as well as having the opportunity to have met some really amazing & inspiring people. Words truly cant express how amazing this course has been for me, Im so grateful & ill be so sad to go! Thank you again to all of the teachers, Lots of Love,

Sonia Palermo

I had been wanting to do a course like this for a number of years and had visited a few different make up schools but after meeting Davinia I was convinced that this course was the one for me. The classes are kept small which is a real plus, we had two other amazing make up artists come in each week both specialising in something different giving a great insight into the industry. As well as the make up side of things Davinia also taught us many great hair styling techniques. I had an wonderful time at the academy, met some great people, and was very fortunate in my third week to be able to go and assist on a photo shoot in London for a fantastic make up artist, a superb opportunity that would never of happened if it wasn't for Davinia's contacts within the industry. Davinia is a truly amazing make up artist and fabulous lady, her team at the academy are inspirational. Thank you Davina, Jane and Gemma for 5 wonderful weeks.


It's been an amazing time! Met wonderful people and got to spend each day in beautiful surroundings. Learning from Davinia has been so much fun, she is a wonderful lady and someone that you instantly like. Her knowledge of the industry is fantastic and she is always going out of her way to help us. I have loved everyday and I have learnt so many new things. I've met amazing people and had experiences money cannot buy! Thank you =)


Where has the time gone?! It has flown by, thoroughly enjoyed every minute I want to do another course. Tutors are great, thank you so much! Hope to see you all soon.


I have really enjoyed the opportunity of the course and coming to London each weekend. Thank you to all the tutors, Davinia & Roger.


I have had an amazing time on this course I have made so many friends and enjoyed every week. 


This course was just what I needed. The opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, experience visiting London on a regular basis and meeting the inspiring tutors & students. Met some great people.


Really enjoyed the final shoot and working on different people and with different artists.


I had a fantastic time on the course – I wish it was a yearlong course! Thank you DFMA!


Such a great experience, I would do it all again! Lovely teachers and very professional. I’m going to miss all of them and my group so much. Thank you DFMA


Thank you so much DFMA for this amazing opportunity, these 4 weeks have been so perfect. Thank you to all the tutors for the amazing tips and for the new skills I’ve learnt.


Thank you to DFMA, it has been a great and enjoyable experience that I will not forget. The tutors have all been very supportive and always encouraged us all. They have a wealth of experience which they have shared with us. It has been a pleasure and I would definitely recommend the course. Roger the photographer was fantastic!

Antigone Pagonis

I have to say thank you to DFMA and all the teachers for all their advice, help and dedication. It has been an unforgettable experience in my life. Thank you for believing in me!

Cristina Nogates

I have been challenged all the way. the tutors motivated me and I feel I can go ahead and get jobs and keep practising makeup in my spare time. thank you DFMA!

Mai-Linh Pham

I had an amazing time working with DFMA and they have helped me gain confidence with makeup!


Massive thank you to DFMA and all the amazing tutors that have shared so much with us. My mission is achieved but it’s not the end of the journey. I’ve enjoyed absolutely everything in a fun environment, lovely group of girls and amazing tutors. Fun days here made it all so much easier! Thank you and see you in the industry.


Thank you DFMA I HAVE HAD AN AMAZING WEEK. Brilliant tutors, lovely staff and a great vibrant atmosphere. Thank you!


Loved everything in the course, the tutors were friendly and helpful. Totally worth the money! I looked forward to every weekend – a magnificent experience


Thank you DFMA for all your help with the course. I’ve learnt so much and enjoyed it all


Absolutely amazing course. Had the best time ever! We all became like a big family! We were challenged to replicating the real world of an MUA. Very sad to be leaving but very pleased and proud to have completed everything. A course I will remember forever. Thanks for an amazing time and for all the tips and tricks.


I really loved the teaching, thank you so much. Hope I can continue my teaching with DFMA soon


Thank you for a fabulous week, you’ve been brilliant! Jourdan is an amazing, informative tutor with so much to give and will always go the extra mile. Thank you!

Melanie Daly

The experience I’ve had at DFMA has not only been enjoyable but also challenging. Tutors have been supportive and very encouraging. Everything that I expected to learn I have and more. Thank you for such an experience and I wish everyone luck for the future.


FAB-U-LOUS! Jourdan, you are amazing – thank you for everything!


Jourdan, it was a real pleasure to have met you. I’ve learnt a lot and so many skills and techniques to develop my career as a makeup artist.

Cristina Matteescu

Jourdan, thank you for this week you were amazing and have taught me a lot. I enjoyed every day.

Sally Coleman

I have gained so much confidence, I feel like I can tackle any challenge! Tutors are all so brill and can tell they are so passionate about what they do. SO excited for the future and happy I have the DFMA family for any advice or questions

Sarah Attwater

Thank you so much DFMA! his has been absolutely incredible, I could not have asked for anything more! Thank you to all the tutors, especially Jane through the finals. You’ve all be amazing and are so talented. I have learnt skills for life and I am so excited for the future in this industry

Debra Harman

Speechless! This course was nothing I could have imagined, so amazing! Loved all the tutors and lessons.

Carman Barakat

Thank you DFMA! I have had the best time and I have learnt so much, I feel like I am ready to go forward now and work in the big scary world! This course has been more amazing than I could ever have imagined, I have made some lifelong friends and I am so excited to work in this industry alongside you all.

Jess Chappenden

Thank you for the most amazing experience of my life! I’ve really enjoyed this course and all the tutors are great. They taught me so many things. I also enjoyed the SPFX, it was the greatest thing ever! Thank you for this awesome course!

Ele Pitt

To all the tutors who have helped me along the way at DFMA, thank you so much, I have had the best time. I would definitely recommend doing this course to anyone thinking about working in the makeup and hair industry. I met so many wonderful people and will never forget my experience!

Jaimie Slabbert

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this has been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much and gained a lot of knowledge to take back to Norway with me. I have enjoyed every day and you will definitely see me again. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Jourdan. I will miss all the wonderful ladies I have met this week. Love you all!

Mary Larsen

Thank you so much, I am very proud of my achievements! A special thank you to Jourdan – amazing tutor who does so much for her students and is a true inspiration

Hanna Longworth

Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me. I have gained so much from the DFMA team. Going to miss these 4 weeks, wished it could be longer!


Thank you so much for everything, I’ve learnt a lot and met the loveliest people. The last 4 weeks have gone so quickly. Thanks again!


Thank you so much for the experience and especially to Jourdan for sticking with us through all the difficult looks! We will miss it so much


To all DFMA tutors – you’ve all been amazing! 4 weeks went so quickly and I’ve learnt so much knowledge from everyone. The tutors were amazing, approachable and without them I wouldn’t have been able to come so far. Thank you all so much!


This course has been an incredible experience for me and helped me boost my confidence. It was lovely to meet all the other students and to learn so many new things every day. Thank you!


I have learnt so much from this course and gained so much more confidence. Amazing tutors and classmates!

Rosina Whittaker

Thank you for a fabulous 4 weeks. I have really enjoyed myself and learnt so many skills and techniques coming in having zero experience I was really worried I would find it difficult but the tutors helped so much and made me feel confident. I loved learning about SPFX and I can’t wait to see where this course takes me! Thanks again.

Katie Grant

A huge thanks to our tutors! It’s because of them I feel more confident with hair and working on different eyes and face shapes. Overall a very enjoyable 4 weeks

Jasmine Rogers

I have had a really good time on the course. All the tutors made me feel really welcome and I have made some amazing friends. I have learnt a lot to take away with me. Thank you!

Clarice Hudson

I loved my 4 weeks with DFMA, it passed so quickly and I don’t want it to end! Made some great friends and learnt so much.


Thank you for all of the help and support DFMA! I have learnt so much about makeup application as well as gaining invaluable industry knowledge. From experts in the field. I am excited to start my journey as a full time freelance makeup artist.

Ellie Langton

A massive thank you to all the tutors for being so supportive! This course has helped me to gain confidence and has been a great start to my career in hair and makeup for Film, TV and Theatre. Once again thank you!

Elly-May Bell

Thank you so much DFMA. I have had the best 4 weeks! All the tutors have been amazing and have taught me so much. I hope to be back for another course as soon as possible! Thank you Jourdan, Bella, Natalie, Gemma, Jane and Olivia!

Hannah Burnell

I have loved every minute of this course! The tutors, the staff and my classmates! Absolutely loved being a student here at DFMA and have learnt so much over the past 4 weeks. I am going to miss everyone so much. Hopefully I will be seeing you again!


Big thank you to all the lovely tutors, Monica , Lindsay and Paul! They have all been lovely to work with and give great guidence and support. Will definitely be sending my daughter here in a few years for her special effects makeup course!


I enjoyed my time here at DFMA. I came from Malta for this course and it was fun. I would like to thank our teachers for being very helpful.


I enjoyed my time at DFMA and looking forward to my future and all the aftercare to help start my career. I’ve learnt some great things from some very talented tutors.


I have had an amazing time at DFMA and really learnt a lot in such a short period. The tutors were very easy to get along with and they were very insightful about the makeup world. Overall a really good experience.


Thanks for an amazing week, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Hopefully see you all on the next course!


Thank you for helping me improve my makeup skills and also my social skills. It’s been nice to socialise with such lovely people. The teachers have been really helpful and everyone been so supportive.


Thank you my beauties, Anna and Jourdan! I had such a fab week and feel I have learnt so many new skills and had a real taste of what it would be like to work in the industry. DFMA I will be back!


I have always wanted to pursue a makeup career and DFMA was the push I needed. Very professional tutors and very relaxed. There wasn’t too much pressure when learning and the tutors offered gentle guidance in a calm environment. I have met some great people and made great new friends who I will be staying in contact with. This was definitely the right way to go (even though had to juggle it with work), but defiantly worth it!

Sarah Davis xx

DFMA…….You have changed my career! I am a beauty therapist by trade but soon to be a makeup artist! I LOVED every minute of this course! I made good friends and wouldn’t change it for the world #NeverGiveUp!

Hannah O’Donnell xx

I have had so much fun at DFMA, the tutors here have all been incredible, the kit is amazing and the other budding makeup artists on the course are all a lovely bunch that I am most definitely going to keep in touch with. I have learnt so many new skills, I feel I am now ready to venture out into the big world of makeup and am so excited for what the future holds! Thank you so much for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Abbey Newman

I’ve had a great time at DFMA and have learnt so much in such a short time. All the tutors and people on the course have been great and have made the experience even better. A big thank you to everyone.

Nicole Chandler

I had an amazing time at DFMA and met amazing people and learnt amazing skills. Thank you for everything.

Clara Thompson

I had an amazing experience at DFMA. I’ve met so many amazing people and gained friends along the way. It has been a life changing 4 weeks and I will be eternally grateful for everything.

Danielle Arapis xx

The course has been great fun and very informative. We had 2 great tutors that really explained the fundamentals really well, giving demonstrations throughout and making it easy for the learners to copy them. I feel like I have learnt a lot and would do it again.

The DFMA course has been amazing! We had 2 tutors throughout and really broadened my product knowledge and use of brushes. The skills I have learnt have given me the confidence to carry on with my passion of makeup. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough


Coming from a “nervous in charge of makeup” background I can’t praise this course and the company more! My confidence has grown so much along with my knowledge. As long as you have the passion to learn you’ll love every minute.

Rebecca Grice

This course is amazing for people who love makeup. The tutors are fabulous at explaining application and it’s a pleasure to learn so many fantastic tips and tricks from them. Thank you DFMA. Massive thanks to Jourdan, Lindsay and my gorgeous model Maria!

Thank you all so much for everything you have taught me about this course. I have enjoyed every moment (even the bad hair days!). I look forward to an amazing and exciting career, all thanks to DFMA!

Rhys Ali

I have learnt a lot during my time with DFMA.  There are many techniques that I will be using in the future.  Thank you to the tutors who have helped us along the way. 

Now the fun begins J

Thank you to DFMA and the girls on the course, I really enjoyed my time in Brighton and have made some great friends and built my confidence.  I’m so proud of you all. 

Jo xx

Thank you to DFA, I am coming away with completely new skills, techniques, beautiful products and most of all a new found confidence.  The industry guidance and aftercare are priceless.  I fell well equipped to start my new journey as a pro make-up artist and make you all proud. 

Carly Sampson Rasmussen

This course means more to me than you could possibly know.  I have gained such a huge amount from it and made some wonderful friends.  This is only the start of a brand new journey. 

Many thanks Julie Ellison-Kirk

I’ve absolutely loved my whole 5 days here and learnt so much. In all honesty I didn’t realise make-up applying was not as easy as I thought, but it was as fun though. This course has definitely made me want to focus on bridal work and also editorial as think they were my strongest. Lauren has been a joy, brilliant teacher, helping myself and the other girls with every minor detail. Thank you very much DFMA

Tia Rageh xxx

Just wanted to say a big thank you to DFMA and all my tutors I’ve had throughout my course. I’ve had the most amazing time and learnt so many skills and experience. I can’t wait to finally be working in the make-up industry. Also so happy to be able to keep in touch with everyone.

Love Daniella x

DFMA, thank you so much to all our wonderful tutors, Jourdan, Lauren and Olivia, and also Vicki in the office, you’ve all helped so much to realise my strengths and weaknesses and I’m excited to be heading into the bridal industry!

Emma xxx

I have had the best week with DFMA. The tutors have been amazing and so helpful. Thank you Jourdan and Julia for all your support and thank you to the DFMA team! I have learnt a lot and figured out my strengths and weaknesses. Looking forward to my future

Celine x

This week has gone so fast and I’ve loved every second of it. Met some really lovely girls who hopefully will become fantastic make-up artists. Thank you so much to Lauren who has made these past 5 days really useful and fun. I’m hoping to be back on another DFMA course to further my training soon. Hopefully this is the start of my career as a make-up artist. Thank you so much DFMA, Lauren and Allison.

Lots of love, Jules Poslethwaite xxx

Don’t think I would ever thank the DFMA family for helping me achieve a dream I have wanted for four years. It has been incredible and a special thanks to Jourdan for keeping me calm on the final shoot and inspiring us to be great make-up artists.

Love Katie-Mae Bauer x ☺

I can’t believe the 5 weeks are over! It’s been amazing! I’ve learnt so much and feel I’ve technically improved so much since the beginning. I have made some true friends and I can’t thank the tutors and the team enough for all of their hard work, support and for sharing their knowledge. LOVED EVERY MINUTE and can’t wait to get out there!

Love, Holly x

Making the choice to do this course was the best decision I have made! I would love to thank all of the artists who have shared all their wonderful advice and techniques and a huge thankyou to Tori for her positive influence that helped me to widen my knowledge and skills. If only this course could go on longer!
Lots of love,

 Charlotte Wadley  x

An incredible week, very intense, very challenging, very fun! I enjoyed every moment and learnt both technicalities and also the trends and attitudes to makeup – so a very broad range of subjects covered in the foundation in fashion course! A great starting point for me, thank you so much!

Valentina Smirnova  x

Amazing Experience.

Met some inspirational people. Now I feel a more experienced, professional make-up artist. I feel privileged to of been able to take part in such a great opportunity. I’m proud to be part of the DFMA Family. Going to miss everyone so much, they will be friends forever. Thank you so much. Looking forward to all the opportunities. Xxx

Chelsea C (Manchester)

DFMA, thankyou so much!!! I have absolutely loved this week. The quality and versatility of the teaching team has been second to none. What we have been exposed to this week will stay with me forever! Thank you X a million!!

Sally Whitehead x

It was so great, I don’t have enough words to express myself! I am so grateful for all the DFMA team- they are the best! I am so happy I chose this course and so sad for it to finish. Thanks a million times!

Gertruda x

It’s been a really fun 5 weeks, I have learnt so much in a short space of time! Brilliant teaching and I would recommend the course to others as I feel so much more confident in my skills as a makeup artist now! Thankyou!

Sophie Glew x

Thank you so much DFMA! I have had an amazing time on the Fashion TV and Media course! I feel so much more confident and so pleased I have finally done it! I can’t wait to start working, its going to be a good year!

Louise Marden x

Thank you sooo much for these past 5 weeks, its been an amazing experience with some very fabulous tutors! Looking forward toseeing what the future holds for me as a make up artist…. Excited!!

Arusia Ho

Thank you to all the darling who make up the DFMA team for your patience and for sharing all your little tips and tricks. Here’s to the future. Love

Helen J x (Bournemouth)

I have learnt a lot on this course, improved my confidence of working with people and had a great insight into the world of makeup. Thank you!

Sophie x

This has been the most amazing course, even better than I ever expected! Amazing tutors, amazing fellow students, really sad to leave! Good luck everyone, see you all soon!

Cara x

Thank you so much DFMA for all the new skills you have taught me. I have had so much fun and everyone has been so friendly. I feel like I have learnt so much and I can go out and start using my new skills straight away. The photo shoot was just amazing. you give us such great opportunities, and I am going away 100% happy!

Louise Yates x

Wow, what a brilliant 5 weeks. I can't believe it has gone so fast. I wouldn't have believed on my first day that I would feel so confident about make up by the end. Thank you to all the amazing teachers, you all have taught me so much. I will miss the beautiful girls who have shared this experience with me.

Lisa Reeves

I have had the time of my life honestly, finally learning and doing what I love to do! You have all given me so much more confidence and I now finally feel like a pro and know I can definitely have a career in make- up when so many others made me feel like it wasn't a real job. It's such a lovely academy, I felt right at home and will be sad to leave but excited to get out there!


Thank you so much for giving me the knowledge, confidence and information to start becoming a make-up artist! All the girls on the course have been wonderful and supportive in every single way. Our day with AJ was unbelievable! Seriously cannot write or think anything more highly of this course!

Danielle Grace Williams

As soon as I met Davinia and experienced her enthusiasm I knew instantly that this course was the one i'd been looking for, as it offers things others don't; a sense of worth as a student and real potential for my future career. Davinia and her team have been amazing in giving an insight as to what the industry is actually like, if you're not sure what area your interested in you sure will be after this course. It's been a fantastic chapter in my life and now I can't wait for the next one to start within the fashion world. Thank you!


Having known I had always wanted to go into high fashion and editorial make-up Davinia's course helped me kick start my career. After the 5 week intensive course in the gorgeous and inspiring settings of Stamner House I had a good all round knowledge in hair and make-up and was confident and hungry to develop my dream of becoming a professional freelance make up artist. I met lovely gorgeous girls on the course and we all had the benefit of several teachers to teach and inspire us over the course. Knowing my passion lay in fashion, Davinia introduced me to the fabulous couture designer Britta von Basedow and I have successfully completed 3 separate shoots with her with several more in the pipeline... watch out Vogue here I come!

Poppy Mence

Attending a DFMA course has been the best thing I have decided to do in my life. With Davinia and tutors at the academy giving me support and encouragement throughout the course, it has given me the confidence to excel in make up artistry. I feel that I have learnt from the best of this industry. I have met some wonderful people and the whole experience has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Davinia and tutors.


Thank you DFMA I have learnt so much in our 5 nights and don't want it to end. I loved the Venue the make up and the people. All so Glamorous. Thanks again, Ive had an amazing time.

Love from Sam

WOW! What can I say! This course has been amazing such a great opportunity with some wonderful talented, Knowledgable and creative teachers. I can not wait to go and apply my skills! Set in a wonderful surroundings, this course will be sadly missed but I will take evry piece of knowledge away with me and wish all the future MUA's on the courses a great Success!

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